A list of unused content in Five Nights at Tubbyland, Five Nights at Tubbyland 2, and Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game.

Title Music

There was a different title music for the demo, but it was changed in the final version. This title music was used in the Five Nights at Dipsy's prototype game.

MainMenu indev

Unused main menu from the demo. Note that the music is a distorted version of the theme song from Teletubbies.


Beta dipsy jumpscare

Dipsy's scrapped jumpscare.

According to a Skype Chat with the game's creator, Critolious, Dipsy was originally going to have a jumpscare, but it was scrapped as quoted by Critolious "I was too lazy". However, as seen by Critolious on Twitter, the scrapped jumpscare of Dipsy was released. There is also a scream for him. It also seemed like he was going to act like Laa-Laa, but this was changed in the full game.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Scream scrapped dipsy

Unused audio for Dipsy's scream during the jumpscare.

The Office


The unused image of Beta Laa-Laa at the doorway.


The unused image of Beta Dipsy at the doorway.

There was meant to be a door light in the office, but this was replaced by a Left Door camera to stay original. It also appears that Laa-Laa and Dipsy were going to appear at the left door with the door light before they entered, but it was scrapped.


  • Critolious stated that Dipsy's unedited jumpscare was the "EEH OHH" from Teletubbies.
  • Dipsy was originally going to be the antagonist of the series, hence the early prototype game being called "Five Nights at Dipsy's" and the Original being a Dipsy model.



Noo-Noo in the office.

Noo-Noo seemed to originally be able to enter the office like the other tubbybots, but this was obviously scrapped for the Toggle Transmission mechanic.


Dipsy v2 party room

Dipsy in the Party Room.

Dipsy was normally able to enter the Party Room, but this was scrapped because Critolious screwed up on the programming.


Unused po vent

Po crawling back to the Spare Room in the Kitchen Vent.

Po had the ability to crawl back into the Spare Room from the Kitchen Vent, but this was scrapped because Critolious never needed it.


  • Po's crawling back texture can be seen via a glitch.
  • Critolious said that he made the Noo-Noo in the office render just incase he needed him there at some point, and never had a real plan for it.

Title Screen

The title screen was originally going to be Po sitting in a spotlight, twitching and occasionally showing her endoskeleton head like in the first game, with the Original and his other heads' eyes lighting up in the dark at the back occasionally. There was also different title music.

Menu ghostly3

The beta title screen music.

Prototype Po

Proto po office vent

Prototype Po in the vent.

Proto po appear ultra

Prototype Po's old animation.

Prototype Po used to be able to enter the office via the ventilation shaft, but this was scrapped for unknown reasons. She, like some others, also had a more smooth animation for entering and leaving the office, but this was cut down to prevent excessive crashing due to many transparent images.

What it was Gonna Be (FNaTL3) -Read Desc for Details-

What it was Gonna Be (FNaTL3) -Read Desc for Details-

Prototype Laa-Laa

It appears that Prototype Laa-Laa was going to have a camera disabling animation, but this was scrapped as it is never used in-game.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Laalaa pre run

The sound when Prototype Laa-Laa disables the camera.

Prototype Dipsy

Proto dipsy wreckage closet 2

The unused file of Prototype Dipsy in the Wreckage Closet.

When Prototype Dipsy is meant to be in his active state in the Wreckage Closet, he instead appears inactive, and Decimated appears in his active state in the Wreckage Hall. As such, the texture of Prototype Dipsy in his active state in the Wreckage Closet is unused. This is most likely a programming mistake.


Planned routes

Some routes were changed in the development of the game. Prototype Po appears to have been planned to enter the right door and ventilation shaft and visit the Main Area and the Wreckage Hall. Prototype Dipsy seems to have been planned to be able to visit the Main Area, the Parts Hall B, and the left and middle door. The Original's route seems to have been planned to go through the vent. Decimated's route seems to be changed to not appear at the left and middle door anymore, and to not enter the Parts Hall. Prototype Laa-Laa, Po and Prototype Tinky Winky doesn't seem to have changed.


Similar to Prototype Po, most of the characters had more frames in their jumpscare animations, but they had to be cut down due to problems with all the transparent frames crashing the game. According to Critolious, The Original had a jumpscare before his mechanics were made, but after his current mechanics were made, the jumpscare was deleted. His appearing animation, however, did not have a smooth version as he already knew about the problem with the animations at that point. The Original and Prototype Po also had the unused screams here. They were made just in case they were needed.

Prototype Dipsy and Prototype Laa-Laa had different jumpscares at one point, but they were scrapped because Critolious didn't like them.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream re po

Prototype Po's unused scream.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream original

The Original's unused scream.

The Original

Original Old appear

Originally there was a more cleaner and smooth version of the Original's appearing animation, as shown here to the right, but like Prototype Po's appearing animation, it was scrapped due to the amount of transparent frames crashing the game.


There was a slightly different look to the office, with the lamp being lighter and the Dipsy head having a different texture, as well as the doorways being completely empty. As well as that, the Main Area also had a different angle to it in the beta, looking directly at the Original instead of being able to view the whole room. Most of the other locations appear to be unchanged, however.

Po Sprite

CUJmN1-WEAEOKyI.png large

The minigame sprite.

There was a unused Po sprite that Critolious seemed to forget to use during development of the third game, and it seems to resemble the FNAF 4 minigame sprite.

Mickey Rooney


The image of Mickey Rooney.

There is an image of Mickey Rooney, only seen in the files. It has text congratulating the person who finds it for decompiling the game, and says that the image is their reward. This image is found in the Night X frame, however it does nothing.


  • All of the tubbybots had a scream during their jumpscare at one point, in case they were needed in any game. Dipsy's scream, the Original's scream, and Prototype Po's scream were scrapped, as they were not used due to them having a different mechanic other than killing.
    • This does not apply for Tinky Winky from FNaTL 2 and Decimated, as they were never planned to have a jumpscare in the first place.
  • A few of the jumpscares and screams were only used as placeholders for a period of time.
  • It seems that all tubbybots, with the exception of Po and Noo-Noo had different jumpscares from the Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game beta. However, they did have somewhat smoother animation.