• Wanted to make an announcement about this rule because it kept on getting broken. Please don't spam.

    Check the last message in a thread before posting there. If that message was posted over a month ago, do not post there, as it will be considered spam. Why? Because at that point the thread is FINISHED, and does not need any more messages. Posting there would only bother other users that have posted there, as they will be notified about this thread that they are already done with. Create a new thread if you really need to.

    Remember to make sure your message makes sense. You don't need the greatest spelling or syntax, but it helps make your message more legible. Grammar is the biggest issue here. Often, there would be messages made that makes no sense, or takes quite a bit of inspecting for it to make some sense. These messages would be considered as spam. Please check and recheck your messages before sending them, and think to yourself if someone else would be able to understand it without any extra information other than the rest of the thread.

    And a warning, if you spam too much, you will be blocked. Don't spam please.

    𝓣𝓞𝓤𝓒𝓗 𝓘𝓣 19:06, December 18, 2016 (UTC)

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