Noo Noo office new
Gender Male
Species Vacuum
Occupation Former cleaner
Starting area Kitchen

Noo-Noo is an easter egg/hallucination in Five Nights at Tubbyland.


Noo-Noo seems to be very similar to his show counterpart, as a blue cylindrical vacuum cleaner with a black tube connected to a nozzle, except for some small details. His vacuum mouth has a set of sharp teeth. The little brush-like object by the front of his head is also missing, which was a mistake by the game's creator. Before the revamp, his eyes were tiny white dots.


Noo noo fixed

Noo-Noo in his original state, from the old incident cutscene. (FNaTL2)

Noo noo real life

Original Noo-Noo.

Noo-Noo will appear at any random millisecond when the animation putting down the camera and cause the lights to start flashing. If the monitor isn't brought up in 6.66 seconds, Noo-Noo will jumpscare the player along with crashing the game.


  • Noo-Noo acts extremely similar to Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • If you reverse the sound when he's in the office, it is the 911 call found here.
  • The game's creator, Critolious, had claimed that he forgot to add Noo-Noo's brush on his head. The reason for this is unknown, however in the 6/20 minigame in FNaTL 2, we can see the original un-modified Noo-Noo, so perhaps the brush was a modification like the teeth added to him.
  • Noo-Noo's scream originally came from a whale, as said by Critolious on Twitter.
  • Even though it is said that the teeth came after the Custard Machine Explosion Incident, in the FNaTL 2 cutscene he has the teeth AND the possessed eyes. This may be a hint toward the true purpose of the Noo-Noo.
  • If you stay in the main menu too long, Noo-Noo will jumpscare the player and crash the game. This can also happen in the demo.
  • Noo-Noo's body and nozzle colour is different when he is in the office. According to Critolious, this is due to "hallucination magic". His full body image is also partially transparent, unlike his other appearances.
  • According to Critolious, The reason why Noo-Noo's eyes look weird in his jumpscare is a bit of hinting toward Noo-Noo's true purpose as a weapon. (As revealed in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game.)
  • In the demo jumpscare, Noo-Noo's teeth are slightly smaller, blockier, and less distorted.
  • In the updated version of the FNaTL 2 cutscene, Noo-Noo is now just a blue silhouette. The reason for this is unknown.
  • In the Christmas update, PTLD-93 replaces Noo-Noo's jumpscare when completing the minigame.
  • Strangely, before version 1.0.1 of the revamp, Noo-Noo's old jumpscare will play 6 milliseconds seconds after setting the AI on Custom Night to 6/6/6. After the update, it was replaced by PTLD-93.
  • Before the Christmas update, Noo-Noo was also triggered by seeing him on the kitchen camera, but this was removed along with the image.
  • When walking into the right wall of the Kitchen in the minigame, a secret screen with Noo-Noo along side Employee 3's corpse climbing out of him along with the text "The green eyes" can be found.
  • For an unknown reason, when walking into the minigame Kitchen, the Noo-Noo sprite quickly blinks and disappears.
  • Before the Christmas update, Noo-Noo's eyes were farther away from each other.

Noo noo-1
Noo Noo v2 custom night mugshot
Gender Male
Species Vacuum
Occupation Cleaner
Starting area Noo Noo's Kitchen

Noo-Noo is a malfunctioning animatronic and antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2.


Unlike in the first game, Noo-Noo looks normal, with the exception of the eyes and his teeth. He is a blue cylindric vacuum with a brush attachment on top of his head, two pop out eyes connected by tubes, and a large tube with an opening on the end functioning as the vacuum with two sets of teeth to help suck up solid objects. The bottom is a half cylinder under the main body to travel around on.


Noo-Noo starts off in Noo-Noo's Kitchen. Noo-Noo will stay there until he starts his music box, which means that he will start his cleaning soon. Unlike the other animatronics and like Tinky Winky, Noo-Noo will not be stalled by the smoke machine, as his programming allows him to see through smoke in the event of a fire, allowing Noo-Noo to lead customers to safety.

The only way to stop Noo-Noo is to use the Toggle Transmissions to cancel his actions. About 30 is needed to deactivate him. If this is not done, the player will be killed shortly. 

Download (2)

Original Noo-Noo.


  • Unlike Noo-Noo from the first game, Noo-Noo does not crash the game in the second game.
  • It is explained by employee #3 that when the animatronics catch you, they have Noo-Noo vacuum you up, and put you in the trash. This is lethal due to the teeth in his mouth.
  • Inside of Noo-Noo, is employee #3's dead corpse, meaning that this is the same Noo-Noo from the first game.
  • On Night 5, before employee #3 can finish his message, a strangle garble appears. If played right and decoded correctly, you will get a surprise message from employee #3's spirit. Some may think this garble was made by Noo-Noo, but it is not.
  • In early versions of the game, Noo-Noo's AI was incredibly active, making the game very difficult, but was later nerfed in version 1.22.
    • He was again nerfed in the Thanksgiving update, giving a lot more time to be deactivated and only occasionally activating, twice a night at most.
  • Prior to the Thanksgiving Update, there is a random chance when starting the game a secret Noo-Noo screen will appear showing employee #3 pouring out of Noo-Noo.
    • This was replaced by a secret screen with a distorted version of Po's face.
  • His unedited scream is that of a vacuum turning off.
  • If the player clicks Noo-Noo in the Custom Night menu, he will say "Rawr" in a text-to-speech voice.
  • When setting all AI levels to six in the Custom Night and pressing the start button, a single frame jumpscare of Noo-Noo from the third game appears, and the game crashes.
  • The CEO of Tubbyland is the reason nobody found out about the corpses inside Noo-Noo.
    • Noo-Noo's "original function" had also been used by the CEO in the past.
    • The horrors inside Noo-Noo are only found out shortly after the events of the second game, as the CEO is murdered by PTLD-93.

Noo noo-0
Gender Male
Species Vacuum
Occupation Former cleaner
Starting area Spare Props

Noo-Noo is the second main antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game.


Noo-Noo is a blue cylindrical vacuum cleaner with two pop out eyes connected by tubes, a black vacuum brush at the front on top of his head, a black half cylinder under the main body for mobility, and a black tube connected to a nozzle for cleaning, like before. Unlike before, he has four/five sets of bloody, sharp teeth, and many holes and rust all over his body. The inside of him contains the flesh, blood, organs, and head of employee #3.


Noo-Noo starts in the Spare Props area, and has two stages there. He will move to the Props Hall, the Original Props area, the Ventilation Hall, the Parts Hall, and the Main Hall. When he gets to the Parts Hall and the Main Hall, he will move to the right or left doors, respectively, and make a scrubbing noise as well as making a perpetual loud sound while he is at the door. If the player fails to close the door, then Noo-Noo will jumpscare the player, disabling cameras, equipment, lights, and power regeneration, leaving the player incredibly helpless and vulnerable. This happens for a somewhat long time. Once he leaves the office, either after being fended off or after entering the office, he will return to his active state in the Spare Props area.


  • In the 1.0.4 update, Noo-Noo was made to make a sound while he is at the door, and is no longer able to skip the doorway or teleport to the other door right after appearing in the other one. The sound he makes comes from the left or right side of the speaker/headphones, depending on which door he is in.
  • A frame of his jumpscare may not be in order, this may most likely be a mistake by Critolious.



FNaTL 3 : The End Game


Noonoo kitchen

The sound that plays when Noo-Noo is in the office (used when seen in the Kitchen prior to the revamp).

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream noonoo

Noo-Noo's scream.

EasterEgg noonoo alpha

The sound that is made when Noo-Noo is on the player's desk (removed in the revamp).

Noo-Noo kitchen edited

An edited version of the noise when Noo-Noo is spotted in the office, for more clarity.


Noonoo musicbox

Noo-Noo's music box when he is about to move.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream noonoo v2

Noo-Noo's scream.


The sound when clicking Noo-Noo in the custom night menu. "Rawr"


The noise made when a tubbybot jumpscares you on the Nightmare Night.


The sound that plays along with Noo-Noo's scream when he jumpscares the player when setting all AI levels to six and pressing start, and in the incident cutscene after beating 6/20 mode.


The noise heard during the secret screen.

FNaTL 3 : The End Game

Noonoo steps

The sound that plays when Noo-Noo arrives at a door.

Noonoo leftdoor

The sound that plays while Noo-Noo is in the left door.

Noonoo rightdoor

The sound that plays while Noo-Noo is in the right door.


The sound that plays while all of your equipment is disabled.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream noonoo-1

Noo-Noo's scream.

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