The Nightmare Night is a secret playable night added in the Thanksgiving update in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2.

All the tubbybots are about as active as on Custom Night with all tubbybots on AI level 20. There are small differences with this night and 6/20 mode, as the eye hallucination is always on the computer screen, and the tubbybots have no eyes on most of the cameras. This does not affect Po, as she did not have eyes in the first place. To activate this night, type in 2036 in the title screen, and a beep will play as the night starts to load.

Completing this night will simply restart the game, sending you back to the warning screen you get when loading it up.


  • This night was inspired by a nightmare, where the game was exactly the same but none of the animatronics had eyes, as confirmed by Critolious.
  • PTLD-93 and the Tubbyland Voice Trumpet have a higher chance of appearing on this night, 1 in 666 and 1 in 420 respectively.
  • The jumpscares for this night are still images of the tubbybots' eyeless heads.
  • The jumpscare noise is "forget" in morse code.

Alarm alt

The sound when loading the Nightmare Night.


The jumpscare noise for all jumpscares in the Nightmare Night.