Night X

Night X is a bonus night in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game.

After beating 8/20 mode in the custom night and playing the cutscene, the option to play night X will appear for a second under the custom night option for a second before disappearing. Right when you begin this night, all the jumpscare screams play at once. In this night, no animatronics are active as if it was the custom night all on level 0, except for one secret animatronic (known as PTLD-93) that randomly appears in the office. If you look at it for too long, it will jumpscare you and crash the game, and to keep him away, you pull the monitor back up. A hand will also appear while PTLD-93 is in the office, and will disappear with PTLD-93 too. There is also hallucinations of Prototype Po, Prototype Dipsy, Prototype Laa-Laa, and Po that blink on the screen randomly. There is no phone call or after cutscene for this night. Once the night is completed, you are simply brought back to the main menu.


  • Garble3




    The hallucination noise seems to be a combination of a sped up malfunction noise and the garble.
  • The hallucinations can happen on any night, as well as PTLD-93 appearing in the office, though they are much more likely on this night.
  • While PTLD-93 can appear on any other night, the hand only appears in this night.

Night x start

The sound when starting Night X.


The sound when hallucinations appear.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream ptld93

PTLD-93's scream.