Night PTLD is a secret night in Five Nights at Tubbyland. It is a special night where every single camera is pitch black, meaning you cannot see anything (excluding Dining Room 2, which is visible in this night only), and must listen for the only tubbybot active on this night, PTLD-93, hence the name. In this night, PTLD-93 travels through all the cameras, making a sound when moving and when viewed on the cameras. When it gets to the office, the player must press Ctrl to shine a flashlight to make PTLD-93 go away. However, if the flashlight is shone before PTLD-93 gets in the office, it will go quicker to the office. If PTLD-93 catches you, the game will be restarted. When beating this night, you will be returned to the title screen.

To activate this night, click on the blood leaking from the toaster in the game over screen.


  • The sound when viewing PTLD-93 is the title screen music of Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game, but much more low-pitched.
  • When pressing the keys "P", "T", "L", and "D", a secret screen of PTLD-93 with his suit parts scattered around him appears.
    • When it's brightened, it reveals that the parts are part of the four Prototype animatronics, with a gray body part who's possession is unknown. It is believed to be The Original's, altough this could be just a simple part to PTLD-93.

Ptld (2)

The sound when viewing PTLD-93 in a camera.

Ptld run

The sound when PTLD-93 moves to another camera.

Ptld run office

The sound when PTLD-93 runs to your office.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream ptld

PTLD-93's scream.

Noonoo kitchen

The sound that plays while the secret screen shows.