aka OswaldFan001

  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is To kill the Nightguard
  • I am Male
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    • still sorry these are edits so can i tell you the apperances of the characters? also i'm proud to see the new look of Noo-Noo and PTLD-93

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    • You still aren't getting it.

      If you want to show off your own stuff, you do it on your own thread. Don't force it into someone else's thread, because then it's off topic, and it's usually just bothering people, like right now. Lemme tell you right now that I DO NOT CARE about whatever your stuff is if you just shove it in my face. Just post it in your own thread, and people will come to look at it if they choose to.

      Since you clearly aren't going to use your message wall privileges in a useful fashion, I'm going to take them away now.

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