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Main area
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Tubbybots The Original

The Main Area is a location in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game. This is the starting location of the Original.


The Main Area is a large room with barrels and crates around along the walls, a hole in the middle of the floor with many wooden planks across it, a large amount of wires in the left pouring from the ceiling, an opening to the Main Hallway in the far corner, and a caution sign on the far left wall saying "CAUTION: WEAR YOUR HELMET".

In the beta, only one wall is seen, with a doorway to the left. It is a different angle, looking more directly at the Original.


Only the Original appears here. He has a state he takes at the start of the night and after he runs, and a state when he is about to run. Unlike Prototype Laa-Laa, he is not slown down when watched. It is seen that he goes through the Ventilation Hall, then through the Parts Hall to the left door of the office.