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Five Nights at Tubbyland
Created by Critolious Creations
Released on April 1, 2015
Version Revamped 1.0.1
Sequels/Prequels First game in the series

FNaTL 2 : Second Game

FNaTL 3 : T. E. G. : Third Game

TL R Fourth Game

System Requirements 412 MB, Windows
Game Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Five Nights at Tubbyland is a point-and-click survival horror fan-game made by Critolious, where you must use a security system comprised of cameras, a single door, and a fumes machine to defend yourself from the 4 animatronic teletubbies, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, Tinky Winky, and Po. Released on April 1, 2015, it is the first one in the series, with the second game, Five Nights at Tubbyland 2, released on May 1, 2015. A third game, Five Nights at Tubbyland 3, was released on August 12, 2015, and is the last one in the series. On December 25, 2015, an update (known as the Christmas Update or Revamp) was released, remastering most of the game's textures and fixing most bugs as well as adding some new easter eggs.

It can be found here:


An abandoned restaurant with old, withered teletubby animatronics is planned to reopen, and they need a security guard to work the night shift from 12 AM to 6 AM, paying $248 a week.

You, Parker Anderson, has decided to take the job. The place, at first, looks completely normal, with the 4 animatronics lying around, but you soon find out that the animatronics are not completely deactivated...

Can you survive five nights at Tubbyland?


The player sits in an office, and does not move throughout the whole game. In the office, you are able to shut one of the two doors, at the cost of limited door power. You are also able to flip up your cameras, allowing you to locate the tubbybots throughout the restaurant. In one camera, you are able to wind up a music box to keep one of them at bay. Later in the week, you receive access to a fumes machine in another camera, which slows down and stops one of the animatronics, but it is limited, and must be used sparingly.


On December 25, 2015, a major update was released for the game, featuring visual, gameplay, and story updates. This is a list of features added, changed, or removed by the update.


There is a demo of the game, downloadable here, with significantly different designs of the tubbybots, different graphics and sounds, and only two nights of gameplay. It was re-released by Critolious on September 9, 2015.

There is also a very early prototype of the game, called Five Nights at Dipsy's, which is a very early version of the demo, being almost entirely incomplete, with only one texture for each camera and no closable door. It can be downloaded here. A version that has Laa-Laa's AI before the project was renamed to Five Nights at Tubbyland can be downloaded here.



Main Menu



Five Nights at Dipsy's

Titlemusic alt

The music for the title screen.


The typing noise heard as the warning screen shows.

Title theme

The music for the title screen, prior to the revamp.

Main menu

The music for the title screen in the demo.

MainMenu indev-0

The music for the title screen in Five Nights at Dipsy's.

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