The Dream Night is a bonus/easter egg night in the Christmas update of Five Nights at Tubbyland. Also known as Night -1 or Night negative one, this night is accessed when clicking Tinky Winky's black eye in the Custom Night menu, and the AI setting will be the AI setting the player had on the Custom Night screen prior to activating the night.

This night is not much different than other nights, except all of the antagonists being plushies instead of animatronics/tubbybots and their screeches and sounds being high-pitched. This night has no phone call too.

End of Night sequence

Unlike Custom Night, this night ends by returning to the warning screen instead of returning to the main menu. It is unknown why it does this.


The strategies to beat this night are the same strategies for beating any night. This is mostly because the AIs in the Custom Night menu is left the same.


  • Unlike the animatronic version of Dipsy, the Dipsy plush wears a hat.
    • The hat model Dipsy wears is the same model of the hat that The Original wears, except it's smaller.
    • His antenna pokes through the top of the hat, as there is no top to the hat, like in the show.
  • The plush version of Po has eyes and a jaw while she's in the Repair Room, however, both of those parts are gone when she jumpscares the player. This is most likely to represent the original Po in the game.
  • None of the plushes are withered, unlike their animatronic counterparts.
  • The Performance Stage is the only camera that is different in this night.
  • All of the plushes have glowing eyes.
  • The Po plush in the Repair Room appears to have her head more upright once the Tinky Winky plush leaves the room. It is unknown why this happens.
    • The regular Po does not do this.




Tinky Winky



Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream red plush

The Po plush's scream.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream yellow plush

The Laa-Laa plush's scream.

Laugh dipsy 03Plush

The Dipsy plush's far away laugh.

Laugh dipsy 02Plush

The Dipsy plush's nearing laugh.

Laugh dipsy 01Plush

The Dipsy plush's nearby laugh.

Dipsy spazzmaticPlush

The sound that plays when the Dipsy plush is in Dining Room 2 or the office.

Dipsy ventPlush

The sound of the Dipsy plush going through the vent.

Broken plushes

The sound that plays when the Dipsy plush is in the office.

Tinky blindcam 2Plush

The Tinky Winky plush in the Dining Room 2.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream purple plush

The Tinky Winky plush's scream.

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