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Dipsy's arcade text
Dipsy's arcade
Cam 4b
Tubbybots Po 2.0
Dipsy's Arcade is a location in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2. This is the starting location for Dipsy.


Dipsy's Arcade is a room with two large arcade machines on the left wall and four smaller arcade machines to the right, leading to the corner. On the other sid of the smaller arcade machines is a small table with two chairs on either side, with a poster above it of Dipsy saying 'A Dip of FUN'.


Dipsy begins in this room, to later stare into the camera before moving to other rooms. Laa-Laa can also appear here near the poster and Po 2.0 can appear staring into the camera to the left.


  • Dipsy's Arcade is the only "Tubbybot play area" that other characters can enter.
  • Since the room is connected to the Room Of Stories, Tinky Winky enters the room but is not seen doing so.
  • This is one of two locations that a Dipsy character begins in alone, the other one being the Wreckage Closet.