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Gender Male
Species Announcement Device
Occupation Former Entertainer
Starting area Wreckage Hall

Decimated (AKA the Tubbyland Voice Trumpet) is an announcement device antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game.



Original Tubbyland Voice Trumpet

Decimated looks significantly different from the show, but it shares its appearance. It is a voice trumpet, slightly withered at its bottom, and it now has three endoskeleton legs on its previously unseen bottom, with two of them ending in endoskeleton hands, and one of them ending in an endoskeleton foot. It is not very withered, compared to the other characters.


Decimated begins in the Wreckage Hall, and has two stages there. Eventually, it will leave to the Ventilation Hall, the Main Hallway, the Original Props area, and the Props Hall. It will appear at the right doorway, and once inside the office, it will walk across the screen as well as disabling your equipment and door lights. If he is fended off successfully, he will be brought back to the Main Hallway. Decimated cannot enter the office more than once per night, as shown in a tip on the death screen.


  • All of Decimated's lines are from the Tubbyland Voice Trumpet from the original show.
  • Decimated was voiced by Critolious.
  • Decimated was originally going to be able to enter all entrances, but according to Critolious, he had so many problems programming him, and was left to be, as Critolious put it, "a slap in a knife fight".
  • Decimated is the 6th smallest character in the series, after the plush versions of Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Po, and Noo-Noo.
  • Decimated can be seen lying down in the Repair Room from FNaTL demo.
  • When Prototype Dipsy is meant to be in his active state in the Wreckage Closet, he will instead appear inactive, and Decimated will appear in his active state in the Wreckage Hall. This is most likely a mistake made while programming the game.

FNaTL 3: The End Game

Decimated move 1

The sound Decimated makes sometimes when moving. (Time for Teletubbies!)

Decimated move 2

The sound Decimated makes sometimes when moving. (Time for Tubby bye-bye!)

Decimated move 3

The sound Decimated makes sometimes when moving. (One day, in Tubbyland...)

Decimated move 4

The sound Decimated makes sometimes when moving. (Where have the Teletubbies gone?)


The sound when most tubbybots are at the doorway.


Alternate version.

Garble3 loop alt

Decimated when he is in the office.