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Gender Male
Occupation Programmer, voice actor, modeler

Critolious (AKA Dylan Vazquez) is the creator of Five Nights at Tubbyland , Five Nights at Tubbyland 2 , Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game, and the cancelled TubbyLand Return. He voiced Decimated, Dipsy from the second game, and the CEO from the third game's cutscenes.




  • Critolious said that it took many retries to create the Tubbyland Voice Trumpet's top part.
  • According to Critolious, Dipsy was a problem during development.
  • Critolious confirmed that PTLD-93's name is a mix of Po, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy and 93.
  • Critolious uses Cinema 4D to model.
  • Critolious is no longer going to be active on some of his accounts, but will be using different accounts instead. This is explained here.
    • However, he is still active on his Twitter, and somewhat active on his DeviantArt.
  • On his DeviantArt, there are downloads for the official FNaTL 1 tubbybot models (including pre-revamp Noo-Noo) as well as the Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Tinky Winky plushes which can be found here and here respectively.
    • Low poly versions of the FNaTL 1 crew (including revamp Noo-Noo) and the upgraded tubbybots from FNaTL 2 can be found throughout Critolious's DeviantArt gallery.



I like this voice filter

Critolious's voice, with some filters.


Critolious saying "It's all Decimated now" in Decimated's voice.

Cutscene ceo 1

Unused audio for a cutscene. "Do you know why I wanted you here?

Cutscene ceo 2

Unused audio for a cutscene. "We have a new security guard.

Cutscene ceo 3

Unused audio for a cutscene. "Likewise."