• TinyScoutALT

    Is it just me.... ir do alot more bots/immature users begin joining the server?

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  • TinyScoutALT

    The tubbyland trilogy

    January 22, 2019 by TinyScoutALT

    Shoulden't we add a section to the "Games" part called "The tubbyland trilogy since thats clickys new game?

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  • Child41626


    December 8, 2018 by Child41626

    List in Username Wiki

    Tuparman (Moderator)

    96..180.37 (Anonymous)

    HearthRaven (Bureacrat)

    Ziggy1224 (Administrator)

    Semerone Treasurer (None)

    ILikeTrains123 (Discussion Moderator)

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  • LittleWhisky

    Ok so ever since Clicky lost the files to Tubbyland Return, I think about a month or to ago, he joined Team TelawWare, so yeah. Anyone, that's not the point.

    A few day's ago, Clicky found the TLR Alpha Demo and he was super pumped since he had lost all the content EXECPT for The TLR Po Model he made and this (more on the model later...). He posted the link to the Alpha Demo on Mediafire, so anyone can download it.

    While looking through his files at the time, he found the Po model he made. So that's also big.

    Thanks for reading. Heres the link to the Demo he uploaded. The model he found is not public though. It's his and he's given it to specific people who I won't mention. Anyways, here you go. Btw I don't have the model if you were wondering…

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  • Tiny Scout

    Tlr:R Good ending?

    October 16, 2018 by Tiny Scout

    How do you get the good ending for tubbyland return Reboot???

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  • TY9JK

    I thought about what could be added to the wiki pages, so here I go.

    Po is one of the only two tubbybots to leap at the player, the other being Prototype Tinky-Winky. (and vice-versa)

    Po, Laa-Laa, Prototype Dipsy, PTLD-93, The Original (although, he never had a suit for the lower jaw to begin with) and the Laa-Laa head lack lower jaw suits.

    Revamp Tinky-Winky's functioning eye looks a normal one of that, unlike his pre-revamp and beta versions where their working eyes are small and thin. His jumpscare is more similar to Freddy's from FNAF 1 as the last thing you see in his jumpscare is his functioning eye. In addition, instead of holding himself on table, he appears in the bottom-left corner of the player's sight.

    In Revamp Po's jumpscare, you…

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  • EvanVizuett

    Added Epicwaffles2015's Every OCs

    New Jumpscares With Motion Blur

    Added Tinky Winky Jumpscare In FNaTL 2

    Added Prototype Po Jumpscare In FNaTL 3

    Added The Original Jumpscare In FNaTL 3

    Update Main Menu With Alot Tubbybots In FNaTL 3

    Tinky Winky's Job

    Laa-Laa's Dance


    Jump The Pool!

    Five Nights At Tubbyland Series Well Be Remastered Update Soon!

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  • BendingTwist


    August 25, 2018 by BendingTwist
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  • BendingTwist


    August 25, 2018 by BendingTwist

    (This starts in the first five nights at tubbyland)

    • static blasts the TV as the new employee inserted a VHS tape into the VHS player*
    • soon the static cleared*
    • the video quality was horrible*
    • there was an employee working, it seems he recorded the tape at the 5th night at 2 AM*

    "Alright, can't wait to get out of this place.." the employee said

    • the employee flips up his camera and checks around*

    "Hmm..that's odd..noo-noo isn't there, I thought couldn't.."

    • the employee started to freak out, checking the cams faster*

    "erm they probably just removed h-him!" the employee said trying to calm himself down

    • He'd calm down a little*

    'Y-yeah that's it.." the employee said

    • the employee actually drops his camera*

    "Oh!...hope they didn't hear that.." the em…

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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    Hey there,

    If you don't remember me, then I'm surprised you haven't. I'm Toonster, I was one of the members on this wiki back from late 2015, to early 2016. I actually became a chat moderator I think for a time period, but when COPPA was re-enforced, and since I was 12 at the time, I was blocked from doing stuff on the wiki.

    By the time I came back, the wikia kind of died. One thing I really enjoyed on the wiki was coming into the wiki chat. That was a lot of fun, and I met so many wonderful people to talk to in there.

    Now, I want to give some interesting stuff out real quick, as a bit of a goodbye.

    1.) The copy of the demo for Tubbyland 1 that was released is not the original version released back in March of 2015. It most likely is a modifie…

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  • TY9JK

    Hey guys, TY9JK here! This is another Photoshop blog, but this time, you CAN request for OCs! Cool, isn't it? Anyways, let's begin!


    1. Give me a base so that I can edit it.

    2. Give me a description so that I can imagine what the OC(s) will look like.

    3. It can't be NSFW otherwise I might report you.

    4. Be nice.

    5. No GIF requests yet.

    6. Don't tell/force me to model it because, I've not got the skill for modeling.

    7. Enjoy!

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  • RealMattForsyth

    These are characters that I made.

    Music Tubby looks like a prototype character. It has 8 legs like a Spider, it has white pupils without eyes, it's pink and has cymbals as a Instrument.

    Molten Dipsy looks like Dipsy from the 2nd game but damaged. He's losing a left hand, The whole suit is gone showing an endoskeleton (apart from the head.) and hes slightly darker green.

    Scrap Laa-Laa looks like Prototype Laa-Laa but actually damaged. 2 hands are replaced by claws, she has no lower jaw, her pupils are red without eyes (Similar to Sonic.EXE) and shes orange instead of yellow.

    Demonic Noo-Noo looks like Noo-Noo from the 1st game but red. He has 8 rows of teeth with blood, Employee #3 is still inside him, His eyes are orange and hes scary.

    Phantom …

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  • RealMattForsyth

    These are my ideas for Five nights at Tubbyland Ultimate Custom Night.

    Po: Wind up the music box or use the Global Music Box to stop her.

    Laa-Laa: If she appears in the left door, close it.

    Dipsy: When hes active at Cam 06, use the fumes or else he'll run to the left doorway. He'll leave for 25 seconds so you better keep him out for 25 seconds.

    Tinky-Winky: Watch him on Cam 10, if he leaves, he will appear at the right hall. Close the door to keep him out.

    Noo-Noo: He will randomly appear in the vent door, close it or else he will jumpscare you.

    PTLD-93: If he appears in the office, turn on the smoke machine or open your monitor / laptop or shine the flashlight on him or turn off the ventilation.

    Po V2: If she appears in the office, use the smoke…

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  • TY9JK

    This blog will contain some of the FNaTL photoshops that I've done so far, some terrible and other pretty good. Requesting is prohibited for now, but enjoy!

    Note: I was going to put my edited version of "Can I keep it?", but I didn't for the fear of getting blocked.

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  • Bart Meme


    June 19, 2018 by Bart Meme

    This is u mom

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  • RemoteIsOk


    April 6, 2018 by RemoteIsOk


    sorry for wasting yer time

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  • Patdaboss117

    Weird opening jupscare

    February 11, 2018 by Patdaboss117

    Hello there I decided to open Five nights at tubbyland 3 for old times sake and when I opened it I realized I had opened the second game. I started to try and quit when a demonic Po and a horrible sound started playing. I seem to not be able to repeat it but if somebody could look into the files of the game (here's a link in case I downloaded a version edited by somebody else instead of the original version)

    the Po had sharp demonic teeth with eyes that looked bloodshot with a little circle on top cofirming my guess of it being Po

    All I can remember is pressing the escape button and enter because I was mad that I opened it and tried to either quit the game or skip the beginning messa…

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  • Spongebobpaul

    Am I still here?

    February 8, 2018 by Spongebobpaul

    yes i am

    sorry that i haven't touched this wikia for quite a long time. I will be starting my ROBLOX remake of Tubbyland 1 again from scratch, but I will keep the models of the Tubbybots that I built, as well as the restaurant I built, which I may rebuild after the demo.

    also, Dipsy will have the same AI as Laa-Laa (and he does attack) like he was going to have in the demo and Five Nights at Dipsy's, but was never revealed. I have also added a few details to the Noo-noo, but I'll use the one that hasn't in the demo.

    anyways, nothing more to say, but here's a teaser. Speaking of the Noo-noo, can you see him?

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  • Skskssjsus


    January 16, 2018 by Skskssjsus
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  • Skskssjsus

    Tubbyland Fright.

    January 11, 2018 by Skskssjsus

    Tubbyland Fright is a location made by Skskssjsus (i created it custom, dont brag about me owning the wiki)

    Custom Newspaper: Tubbyland Fright is building up!

    Desc: before the rental of Tubbyland Warehouse burning down from a destroyed monster with 3 heads on, the tubbybots joined the fire, now when Tubbyland Fright opens, people will come in! A nightguard needs to secure the place with cameras and survive until 12 am to 6 am. As due to the nightshift being complete, the location will be open and people will walk in!

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  • Skskssjsus

    Custom names.

    January 11, 2018 by Skskssjsus

    Workplace Tubbybots:

    Workplace Old Po.

    Workplace PTLD-93.

    Workplace Lala.

    Workplace Dipsy.

    Workplace Tinkywinky.

    Workplace Noo Noo.

    Scrap Tubbybots:

    Scrap Po.

    Molten Dipsy.

    Molten Noo Noo.

    Scrapped Lala.

    Scrapped Tinkywinky.

    Destroyed Po.

    Tubbyland Fright Tubbybots: 


    Decimated (with jumpscare).

    Phantom Decimated.

    Phantom Po.

    Phantom Noo-Noo.

    Phantom Dipsy.

    Phantom Tinkywinky.

    Phantom Lala.




    Entertainer Tubbybots:

    Fixed Decimated.

    springpo (Fixed).

    Springdipsy (Fixed).

    Funtime Po.

    Funtime Lala.

    Funtime Dipsy.

    Funtime Tinkywinky.



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  • BlackKitty666


    January 2, 2018 by BlackKitty666

    Someone has been making counterfeit stories for me to leave this wiki forever. And, they found out i gave out personal info, right by appearing in the wiki myself. And the warning has extra content, which kind of i never seen before.

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  • Aceids

    FNATL comics

    January 2, 2018 by Aceids
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  • Aceids

    Alice The Tubbybot: Chapter 2.

    December 31, 2017 by Aceids

    A remake of Chapter 2.

    Rest of the pictures coming soon.

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  • Aceids

    Alice The Tubbybot: Chapter 1

    December 30, 2017 by Aceids

    A remake of the original.

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  • DipsyTheTeletubbie

    facts about me

    December 21, 2017 by DipsyTheTeletubbie

    Im Green And I Like My Cow Hat 

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  • Kirby fazbear

    Alice The Tubbybot

    December 18, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    This is were I will post everything on my new series.

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  • Kirby fazbear

    Alice the

    December 18, 2017 by Kirby fazbear
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  • Sowhat2008

    ( the meaningless room)

    Distorted Noo-Noo: Hehehehehhe...

    Distorted Noo-Noo: Someday, I will soon get revenge on the whole restaurant.

    Distorted Noo-Noo: MUAWHAHUAHUAHAU!!!

    (Sorry, I was too lazy so I made it extremely short)

    PART 3 Coming around June 2018

    PART 4 Coming around the late 2018.

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  • BonbonRETIRED
    • All the tubbybots have extremely new jumpscares.
      • However, this is because the jumpscares had no way to be recreated in different lighting.
    • There are new plushies that can kill you during the Dream Night. They replace all tubbybots except for the new PTLD-93.
    • There is a new tubbybot, who has his own night that can be accessed by clicking the blood on the game over screen.
    • Laa-Laa makes a screech when in the left door, to notify the protagonist that she is coming.
      • The screech will only stop if she jumpscares the protagonist or if the player closes the door to scare her away.
    • Noo Noo has a new jumpscare that is in green lighting and is glitchy.
    • After trying to start 6/6/6 mode, you will be jumpscared by PTLD-93 instead of Noo Noo


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  • Kirby fazbear

    It burns part 2.

    November 7, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    Comming soon.

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  • Kirby fazbear

    Hey guy's! So i'm pretty sure you've relized something. I HAVE 100 EDITS!!! (Well teconacly this is also an edit because so this would be 101 edits. BUT WHO CARES!) So in celebration of makeing one hundred edits I will be starting a series called  "Ask the tubbybots" (You can also dare them.) You can the tubbybots (Even my charecter) and I will draw out the respone. Ask right here! Ask away!

    If you don't know what charecter i'm refering to is this guy. (Hint:It's supost to be me).

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  • Kirby fazbear

    It Burn's

    October 25, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    The Original was in the main area,he was standing near a table that he had set up. On the wall their were pictures of all the prototype tubbybots. They don't care about me. He said. They never come to see me. I have no friends. That's not true! Tinky Winky's head said. You have us! Your attached to me. The original said annoyed. Sorry. It's fine. Just don't let is happen say that again. The original's voice turned demonic when he said that. O-OK I won't! Tinky Winky's head said scared. All I want is love. Someone one to talk to. IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR!? He yelled when he said that. So...who's first? Tinky Winky's head asked. Why don't we go after the weakest? Witch one is that? The red one. Prototype Po? Tinky Winky's head asked. She'd…

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  • Rabick


    October 24, 2017 by Rabick

    The revamp add much things on FNATL

    The revamp bring so many new things revamp added a lot of new things, things like:

    • Now the string of the musical box of Po goes much faster and also has a new design
    • now Laa-Laa makes a noise when it is on the left door
    • Dipsy is able to be displayed on the left door
    • the jumpscares of the characters changed
    • the office has a different dress
    • office lights now flash if Tinky Winky, Dipsy or Po are in it
    • you can not do more the bug to look at Laa-Laa by the camera so you do not enter the office
    • added 2 easters eggs in the custom night
    • if you put 6/6/6 at the personalized night you will get a jumpscare of PTLD-93
    • if you click on the right eye of Tinky Winky will enter the night -1 more known as dream night
    • on the game ov…

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  • Kirby fazbear

    Ask me anything about the movie! (Nothing that will spoile the movie though).

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  • Spongebobpaul

    oh ok

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  • Kirby fazbear

    FNATL comic series.

    September 30, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    This is where the fnatl comic sreies will be.(The series takes place in a AU by the way)

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  • Kirby fazbear


    September 30, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    This is where I will post my fnatl fanarts or drawings!

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  • Kirby fazbear


    September 28, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    Note:This has my own story elements in here! It's the fnatl story but with my own twist and turns.

    The newest employee of tubbyland entirtainmint has gone missing! At the investagation the police found a camera with blood on it and a broken lens. There was a VHS tape inside so the cops took it to the drpartmint and what they saw was disturbing. Here is what they found.

    Employee 5:Uh hello,my name is*Static*and im the new night guard at tubbyland entirtainment. I'm recording this incase anything does happen i'll have proof. So-

    ???:He DiD tHiS tO mE.

    • Camera pans to the left door*.

    Employee 5:*Gasp* Who's there?

    • Static for two minuets*.
    • Static clears to reval the origianl in the main area*.

    Employee 5:What the hell are you?

    • Employee 5 starts slowly w…
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  • Kirby fazbear

    Meet my OC's!

    September 27, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    Say hello to Axie and Daa Daa my OC's! This page might be a page where I post drawings of my OC's. IDK.

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  • Kirby fazbear


    September 26, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    Note:This has my own story elements! It's the fnatl story but with my own twist and turns.

    Tape recorder:Recording 2. October 15 1984.

    CEO:Hello? Yes this is the tubbyland entertainment. Really!? Sure come over tommarow! 

    • Static*

    CEO:Hello there! You're the one who wants to apply for a job?

    Employee 5:Uh,yes I am.

    CEO:Have a seat.

    • Employee 5 sit's down in the chair*.

    CEO:First off what's you're name?

    Employee 5:My name? Oh it's *Static*.

    CEO:Alright. So why do you wanna work here?

    Employee 5:Well I watch the teletubbies when I was five and I guess I wanted to relive my childhodd.

    CEO:I see.

    Employee 5:Oh and recently my son has gone missing.

    CEO:Oh im very sorry to hear that.

    Employee 5:Yeah and it's made my wife go crazy! She's been speending all our mo…

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  • Kirby fazbear


    September 25, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    While looking through one of my old drawing books I found some of my REALLY BAD fnatl fanarts. So here it is my horrable old drawings! inspired by tuparman's fanarts.

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  • Kirby fazbear


    September 25, 2017 by Kirby fazbear

    Note:This has my own story elements in here! It's the fnatl story but with my own twist and turns.

    Tape recorder:Recording 1. Augst 12 1983.

    CEO:How is thhe desin comming along Dean?

    Dean:It's turnnig out great sir! Here have a look at it! 

    CEO:Um...Are you sure about this desin? It has srap teeth and-

    Dean:Trust me it's safe!  

    CEO:Alright. Have you made it's voice box?

    Dean:Yep! Here you can have a sneak peek at it!

    • Brings out remote*. *Presses on button*.

    The origanl:Hello kids it's your pal Dipsy and welcome to Tubbyland entirtainmint!

    CEO:Sounds pretty good! You're sure that even though it has sharp teeth it's safe for children?

    Dean:Im sure! You know what. Why don't you bring you're dauter here tomorow and if she like's Then will use it!


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  • Unknowngamer000


    September 12, 2017 by Unknowngamer000
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  • AcodelXD

    AcodelXD Blog!

    August 21, 2017 by AcodelXD

    I'm back!

    I'm so sorry. i'm did that day.

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  • LollipopWut

    Yeah. Another unrelated update.
    For those who haven't seen the comments last 'UR', my leg is okay now.
    As the kids after each night from FNAF say...
    Also: More news.
    I made my own discord chat. (at this point you all know what Discord is, right?) Cheers, anyone?
    But the question here is...
    Should I give out the invite link?

    Answer in the comments below!


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  • Spongebobpaul


    so last night when I went to sleep, I had a very weird dream, which was strangely FNaTL related. I don't know what happened in my dream, but all I know, I was in the first known Tubbyland restaurant as the night guard.

    I was at the desk, the phone call from the first night was heard too. Anyways, as I went through the night, things were a bit strange. I didn't remember Tubbyland's office looking like it had a door on the right, but this door on the right was NOTHING to the door on the left. It used a lever instead of a button, and of course it was all just a grey metal door that you'd probably have in a jail cell, maybe. I don't know. When I heard Laa-Laa come to the left door as I pulled my monitor down, she was strangely visible in …

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  • Spongebobpaul

    hullo again

    Sorry that I haven't made an update on FNaTL1RE in quite a while, but I have finished building the Noo-noo, who appears as an easter egg in the game on your office desk. He has a 1 in 15 chance of appearing. If you hear his music box or you see him on the desk, or both, you should simply put your camera up before he kills you 6 seconds later. Also, the Tinky Winky from Slendytubbies will also appear as an easter egg, too. He has 1 in 30 chance of appearing, and sorry if this is becoming irrelevant already. Just to let you know if you've ever played that game series. Anyways, here are some pictures of the restaurant layout and the finished model of the Noo-noo:

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  • Spongebobpaul

    So guys, Tuparman told me if I uploaded my image to Imgur and linked it back, it would probably work. But, making a blog post instead of just posting to my message wall will probably work fine. And it somewhat did! Anyways...

    I have made other animatronics other than Po that I showed in my message wall post (Dipsy, Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa if you're wondering), which also include their beta versions, which can be seen in the Noo-noo picture below. I may show you a close up of them in another blog post though. Also, sorry if this is short.

    Here are some images I was trying to show you that wouldn't work before:

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  • XxXWitheredToyBonniexXx

    For those who don't go on the Discord chat and don't know something that has been going on with the Deviantart group for the past week, a DeviantArt user by the name of WhoAreYouAll (who I have comedically nicknamed Kryptid Kid) has posted strange bits of artwork and has even spoke to the user Tuparman via notes, constantly speaking in morse code.

    Three things have been discovered from this conversation.

    - One of his artwork called DEAD, where there is a blurry and filtered image containing the face of an avatar full body edit which has black X's over the eyes and the words DEAD next to it, relates to me in some form.

    - At the moment, he has 3 cryptid submissions up on the group with presumably four more to come.

    - Whoever is behind this account, …

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